Omung Gonsalves, Vasai

I started experiencing tingling numbness in my hands. After an MRI scan doctors found a ruptured disc in my spine and recommended surgery. Initially I wasn’t so sure about going ahead with surgery or not. I was bombarded with opinions and frankly all that did was confuse me. After I met Dr. Uday Pawar, I really understood my problem and could think logically. I went ahead with the surgery with him. Since then, I feel better than ever before.I am fully fit now. And I would recommend proper guidance to all other patients.Surgery will surely solve your problem and not increase it .

William Oputa, Nigeria

I underwent my lower back spine surgery, at age of 72, with Dr. Uday Pawar on 2nd March 2013.From the time my family and me landed in India Dr. Pawar has been there with us. We have been coming to see him every year. Now he is our point of contact not only for spine issues but also our other health related queries. We followed up recently with him and as always are leaving with fond memories of our spine surgeon Dr. Uday Pawar who has contributed immensely in making our medical journey so successful. We highly recommending Dr. Uday Pawar to our fellow Nigerians and whosoever is in need of better guidance related to their spine issues. May God Almighty continue to bless Dr. Uday Pawar and his associated hospitals.

Premraj Purohit, Jalgaon

My age is 72 years and I stay in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India. I am a diabetic too. I was feeling intense pain in both my legs and was unable to walk for more than 4-5 minutes. Doctors recommended surgery but they couldn’t inspire confidence in me. My family and relatives added to my fears regarding surger y. I came to Mumbai and met Dr. Uday Pawar. That’s when everything changed. He instilled confidence in me and performed the surgery. Now I can walk unsupported and am free from an y leg or back pain.

Namrata Pawar, Mumbai

I was suffering from low back ache since a year and was unable t o walk / stand for long durations. I tried everything from painkillers to all other options (massage, light therapy and non-allopathic treatment) with little success. One of my fr iends referred me to Dr.Uday Pawar. He explained to me that a surger y in the lower back was necessary and answered all my doubts to my satisfaction. I under went the surgery with Dr. Uday Pawar a year back and now I am fully fit and happy. I am able to walk pain free.