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You can consult with the doctor from anywhere in the world. All they’d have to do is register and leave their queries for the doctor or even schedule a Skype consulting session in case of an emergency.

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Dr. PAWAR is available on several forums where one can register and leave a message or query that the doctor can revert to at the earliest. This eliminates appointments and waiting time and makes it convenient for the patients and even gives the doctor a chance to give a prompt reply.

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Spine surgery is changing rapidly. With the advancements of technology in this field, it is bettering the lives of people everywhere. Dr. Pawar considers himself to be fortunate to have worked with the giants in the field of spine surgery. He applies the same learnings in his day to day diagnostics. That is why he is especially keen on the Minimally invasive the spine surgery aspect. He takes you through the process of spine surgery like a member of your family would. This caring attitude is what all his patients swear by and recommend. As much as possible he tires to involve the patient in the process so as to become a team to overcome the ailment together. At every step, he ensures that you are aware of what is happening. This transparency is what shows that you are in safe hands.

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Osteoporosis has quickly become one of New Indian’s most rapidly rising problems. Most commonly affecting spines and hips, failure of swift treatment can be fatal. Dr Pawar has authored a paper on this specific problem that was internationally acclaimed. You have read it in detail here.

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Dr Pawar extends his surgical expertise to patients outside Mumbai as well. He regularly performs spine surgeries at centres in Miraj, Satara, wai & nashik. He is also a part of a team that holds various camps across Maharashtra to extend his services to the less fortunate who need equal care.

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Backache is a topic that is plagued with disparity and lack of clarity. The back clinic is a support forum where people who have been successfully treated for their back ailments, the treating doctor, physiotherapist and current patients or the general population can participate and share information that can help clarify queries to a great deal. Dr Pawar conducts his back clinics forum once a week in Parel.

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A deformed spine in growing children can become a problem that lives with them for the rest of their lives. If helped early, they can be curtailed at a much earlier stage. The most common misconception being that a deformed spine needs attention in his/her teen age. Spine surgeons gauge with utmost care the problem deformities and if needed suggest surgeries even as young as 5 years. In this endeavor, Dr Pawar conducts school health programs and once a week scoliosis clinics (every saturday at Global Hospitals Mumbai:- 1-8 pm)

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