Putting The Care In Careful For Over A Decade

In this field of medicine, experience holds testimony to how efficient someone can be. Dr Uday Pawar has been associated with treatment of patients with spine problems since the last 10 years. Having been trained by the best at the most prestigious institutes, he is the one of finest in the field of spine surgery. The confidence he empowers his patients is what helps them overcome their preconceived fear. Something that not all doctors can do. Dr. Pawar believes that the remedy must reach the patient before him. That’s why he is always accessible, be it on phone or even on skype. He believes that apart from being someone who helps his patients get better, he is also a role model for them. That’s why he ensures
that he lives a healthy life so as to set an example for all those he treats. Dr. Pawar is a marathon runner and an avid trekker.

Area of Specialization

While The Doctor Has Many Skills,
He Specializes In A Few

Dr. Pawar holds his expertise in spinal stenosis surgery, day care spine surgery,
slipped disc surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and even non-surgical methods in
spine surgery. He is highly recommended for these specific fields and guarantees the
best results one can find.


The Milestones In The Doctor’s Life

Dr. Pawar is a recipient of the prestigious ASSI-Dartmouth spine fellowship in USA. It is given to an Indian spine surgeon based upon academic achievements. Apart from that he has had 10 peer reviewed international and national publications and even 4 textbook chapters. Today he is also an article reviewer for a well-known journal – SPINE.


All That Went Behind His Skillset

Dr. Pawar is a celerbated practician. His qualifocations include his MBBS, DNB Orthopedics, D’Ortho. He is a fellowship trained spine surgeon who has studied in India, Germany and the USA.